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The Lovely Bones (book by by Alice Sebold)

By nature I’m a very excitable person and considering new movies come out every week, it’s a miracle I haven’t exploded in to a glittery ball of joy by now. Alas, I’m still standing (or skipping rather). What is the one movie I’m most excited about you ask? It’s none other than, drum roll please, THE LOVELY BONES!

THE LOVELY BONES by Alice Sebold

The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold

One of my favourite books of all time is being made in to a movie! Rejoice! This project has been common knowledge for a good year or two now, however, since I’ve only had a blog for three days this is the first chance I’ve had to write about it. The novel is a multi-genre piece written by Alice Sebold and was a number one best seller throughout the world. Why?

I’ll tell you why young grasshoppers-because it’s beautifully written and beautifully tragic. The Lovely Bones tells the story of Susie Salmon who is raped and murdered when she’s 14 while walking home from school. From heaven, Susie watches down on her loved ones and how they cope with her gruesome murder. She watches her killer, how her classmates are affected by her death and the police involved in trying to solve the case.

Interesting idea, which could have fallen on its arse if it wasn’t for Sebold’s execution. So the talented writer decides to sell the rights to her book to colossal talent Peter Jackson and his Lord of the Rings writing buddy Fran Walsh at WingNut films. The trio chat over coffee, have a few donuts, write a screenplay and Jackson adds the final tick in the best-way-to-adapt-a-novel-ever column by directing the movie. “But who shall star in such a potentially awesome movie?” pondered Jackson one night. “Uh-huh!” he said. “I’ll assemble the most awesome cast ever.” Okay `most awesome cast ever’ may be a bit melodramatic but for myself personally I couldn’t think of a more interesting combination or actors.

With a dash of Mark Wahlberg, a pinch of Rachel Weisz and a sprinkling of Susan Sarandon as the three main leads Jackson stirs together a stellar dramatic cocktail. Did I mention 13-year-old Oscar nominee Saoirse Ronan (of Atonement fame) is dead gal Susie Salmon? No? Silly me.

Unfortunately this puppy has an October 16, 2009 release date meaning it will be out in Australian cinemas a few days later. The films completion is still a long way off but be sure to stay posted for plenty more updates on the progress of The Lovely Bones movie. It’s currently being filmed in New Zealand.

The Lovely Bones Movie

The Lovely Bones movie

PS: Ryan Gosling was originally down to play the role of Susie’s father and even gained a belly and beard for the character. Two days before filming he pulled out and was replaced by my husband-to-be Mark Wahlberg who had just finished shooting the financial and critical flop The Happening in Pennsylvania. Apparently the last minute bail was because Gosling and Jackson had "creative differences". I think it’s because Gosling’s “if I’m a bird you’re a bird” bullshit was no match for the power of Dirk Diggler baby.


The Lovely Bones (book by by Alice Sebold) {The Lovely Bones}