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Chocolate has always been my little indulgence, especially hot chocolate on a Winter day, reading a book and watching the rain outside my windows. So I gave this new The Body Shop collection a try, and I am addicted to the scent! The body scrub smells like real chocolate (and it's hard to resist eating it), the butter isn't as intense and the scent is closer to cocoa than actual chocolate, but still very delicious! I think I've found my Winter scent, crossing my fingers that Chocomania isn't a limited edition!

Bill Gaytten, for Dior, created another one of my favourite Couture collections for Spring

The perfect sillouette of a post-war lady meets the novelty of revealing sheer fabrics and croc print. The colour scheme couldn't have been more chic: the neutrals and nude (and just a pinch of colour!). You can't forget this is the house that once dressed Audrey Hepburn (and created the little black dress!), so don't expect any less from Dior than the Parisian Chic style we all love and secretly envy.

These books combine my love for fashion and my love for literature

The books themselves are gorgeous: pretty covers (by Christian Lacroix himself) and pink fore edges; and the stories are classic, must-read literature. Plus, they are in french. Could it be any more chic? I am sorry for the lack of outfits, I am taking my final exams and have absolutely no time to do anything else but studying! Outfit posts will be back next week or the following, the latest! I already have plenty of outfits planned that I cannot wait to photograph and show you :)

Hippie Chic

Karl Lagerfeld never disappoints, does he?

On the Pre-fall show he gave us India, drealocks and steampunk looks, but on Spring Couture it's all about blue and futuristic 50's air hostesses, all under the watchful eye of Coco Chanel's tweed fabric. Even when the theme changes - and one thing I love about Chanel is that the inspiration for each collection is always very clear - the essence stays, you can always tell it is a Karl Lagerfeld's Chanel show. And is that Attraction I spy on the models' nails?

Silver and white are my favourite colours for Winter

They remind me of the snow and the ice that I love but that are not very frequent in Lisbon, unfortunately. So I always try to put a little silver in my Winter outfits, even if it's something small, like a piece of jewellery or this nail polish, Graphite. I love this bag because it is so unique and the peep toes are very Carry Bradshaw, which I absolutely adore! Can't wait to show you an outfit with all of these accessories together!

Jewellery Collection

I had been searching for this top for too long! Finally bought it last Monday, it was the last one on the shop and it was my size! I really like the sugar skull print, sugar skulls are popular treats in Mexico on the Day of the Dead. This top will be perfect for Summer, I just like it so much I wanted to wear it right away!

I've been so busy studying - my exams are next week - so I have been wearing clothes that are comfortable and warm. This Purificación García bag (can you tell I'm a big fan?) is silver and glittery, just what was needed to spice up the outfit!

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