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Spring/Summer Dress of My Dream

My dress

I'm very excited to work with this pattern. Looks like one of those my dresses, a simple shift dress with no darts and a front facing closure with a zipper in the back. I'm slowly regretting that I already cut this pattern out in this fabric. The olive green gabardine is very light, maybe a little too light for this dress. Oh well, that's what happens when you go against your better judgment.

I actually have tons of covered buttons in my stash, usually from stocking up on notion sale days at the Shop. I have both 1.5" and 1.2". I thought the 1.5" was bit too obnoxious for the dress (or for me) and I think the 1.2" is just the perfect size for being mod with also being contemporary. I'll be making View 2, without the sleeves and collar. I'm planning on wearing it like a jumper over a turtleneck or long sleeves. I'm thinking because of the lightweight fabric it might be more suited for the fall, where the days are only chilly from the breeze, not during the 6ths largest snow storm in the tri-state area of New York.

So can you blame me for dreaming about spring?

I am stuck in my dorm room with a box of heavy, dark wool hiding under my bed while massive amounts of snow accumulate outside. I'm already creating my list of fabrics for the next season. I would like to acquire some liberty prints and soft cotton florals for dresses, Japanese linen for skirts, and lawn and cotton sateen for blouses. I'm imagining bright pastel colors and Edwardian-esque silhouettes. Possibly might dabble in some heirloom details like lace insertion, tucks, and smocking. Then I glance back outside and I remember about all the wool that still needs to be used and my sheepskin snowboots drying by the door.

It's finally finished! It took longer than I would have preferred but it came out beautiful in the end. I also got to do my first fabric-covered buckle, which was a headache, but turned out to be a wonderful accessory with the dress. It's more like a coat-dress with the heavy wool but kept me nice and toasty while I was taking photographs (it's freezing in the Hudson Valley!). Went to my father's mountain house for some of the pictures and they ended up beautiful, though because I'm behind the sun the fabric looks much darker than it really is.

My new dress

My New Dress

Even though it's 18°F windchill I'm constantly thinking about what I'll wear in the spring. My desire is to focus more on separates than dresses this season and I thought I should get a move on it as soon as I sew up my last few winter fabrics. I placed a order through and I am pleasantly surprised, the fabric is really gorgeous. It was everything I thought it would be and more. There is nothing worse than opening a package and the fabric is much different than how it seems online. The white, blue, and pink shirting fabrics has a very nice sheen almost like cotton sateen. The "Cottage Floral" fabric is very soft, delicate, and very shabby-chic. The cornflower broadcloth is absolutely lovely and crisp. The sage poplin is a smooth and has a nice, tight weave. Overall, I'm very pleased. shipped it out quickly and I literally received it two days after. Plus, they give you 37" a yard instead of 36". I'm very excited to start on it.


Spring/Summer Dress of My Dream {spring}