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Beach Cruiser Bicycles ~ So FUN !

I am longing for a Beach Cruiser Bicycle :)

Every time we go to California and are by the

beach I see people with

their wayyyy cute bicycles!

Then when we went to the

Orange County Swap Meet

there were so many super cute baskets ~

Everyone in my family in California

have them

and always talk about riding

on the Bob Jone's Trail

at Avila Beach ~

So needless to say I am thinking I need one

even though I live in north Texas ~ I can pretend

I am by the beach :)

Oh my gosh I found the

sweetest bicycles ever !!

They are on the Beg Bicycles website

It would be wonderful to ride to

the flower market

and fill my basket full !

{Images courtesy of Beg Bicycles }

{I am not sure who to give credit on this picture because it was a google search }

I loved this picture too because

it is so pretty all in white ~

Target has some

pink bicycles with baskets~

I am thinking my birthday is

coming really soon :)

I just found this

super cute design and printed

it on a bag ~

It is perfect for my new obsession ~

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