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James's Travel Photography on Display

I am constantly in awe of my son in laws photography work ~ He is truly talented ~

He will be showing his travel and landscape work at the Main and Vine Art Gallery in Keller Texas on Saturday, June 5th from 6-9 p.m. for Gallery Night ~ There will be other artists as well as music, wine, drinks and snacks ~

James not only does travel photography but family and wedding photography too ~

He was freaking me out getting this picture ~ it was so much scarier in real life ~

I was just looking at his pictures again to see which ones to put on my blog and it was pretty much impossible to choose ~ one of the thoughts that crossed my mind as I looked at them is what an awesome God we have ~ It is amazing at what He has created for us ~

You can see much more of his work on his website at James Brandon Photography ~ you can also follow his blog to see more and to see what he is working on here ~

He would love some suggestions on some cool places to see and photograph while on his upcoming destination wedding shoot in Cancun ~ If you have any ideas make sure and comment on his blog and let him know ~

He did this one of my husband and I in Hawaii that I love ~ I have shown you before but here is the link if you have not seen it ~

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