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Pictures of Visit with Mom & Dad

We have been doing tons of gardening, hanging out by the pool and running around since my mom and dad have been here ~
This is a picture of our 2 girls and my mom in our backyard ~

Today we went to Dallas Baptist University where one of my daughters goes to school to show grandma and grandpa ~ I just adore this school, it is gorgeous and pretty much all around amazing !

The picture above is outside one of the student centers ~

This is a picture in front of her townhouse on campus that she will live in next school year ~

The school has gazebos everywhere and this is a bridge that crosses one of the ponds on campus ~ The picture is from left to right : me, my husband Dana, our daughter Kristin, our daughter Stephanie, my dad and my mom ~

This is a picture with my daughter Stephanie's boyfriend Noah ~ I think they are on a slant because Noah looks really really tall and my husband looks really short, he is short but not that short :o)

Well I am off to watch a movie ~
Today I worked on a project for the Make Mine Pink Show and Tell Monday make sure and check back soon ~

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