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Easy & Inexpensive Ruffle Curtains

I just wanted to show you a quick, inexpensive

and super duper easy ruffle curtain ~

This is what I am working on

today so I thought I would

show you the steps as I go ~

Curtains like these have been shown in

blogland before but

I am not sure where so if

you know let me know :)

Ikea was my spot to get the curtains because

they are a great price and

the fabric is awesome !

They say not to dry them in the dryer but

I did and the fabric came out kind of like a

lightweight drop cloth feel ~

First I cut the white set to the length

I needed because they come real long ~

Then I ripped 2 lengthwise strips of

the darker about

9 inches wide and sewed them together

to get the correct length for gathering ~

Then I used my handy dandy ruffle foot and

pleated them ~ If you don't have a ruffler just

gather any way that you would like ~

Next I measured and pinned

the ruffle to the bottom

and sewed it on to the curtains ~

I left the edges raw on the ruffle

because I like them like that ~

For the ruffle it just took one of

the darker panels

so I have another one left which is tons

to make pillows out of ~

It would be cute to add another ruffle too !

These are actually for my bedroom but

I would love some outside too !

The pictures kind of look weird but

I was having fun in grittiness with picnik :)

Later today:

I made a pillow with the extra

curtain panel ~

I love the ruffles and rose

{I bet it was hard to tell I LOVE ruffles :) }

You can find it on my website ~

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