La Mode + rose cuff bracelets

Hats, Cuffs, Crepes and Puppies

Today is one of those random days where I do

nothing in particular but hop from

one thing to another ~

These are just a few pictures from

my day today ~

I LOVE these hats and cuffs all together so I

had to take a picture of them ~ they are a

special order and look pretty all stacked up ~

As I was working on these I was looking

out the window at the BEAUTIFUL Crepe Myrtles

in our backyard ~ Oh my goodness they are

so pretty this year ~

We have about 12 trees so I need to start picking

the blooms to enjoy some inside too ~

It is also a puppy walking day so my girls

and I took the whole gang for a walk ~

Between the 3 of us we have 5 puppies that are

so cute dang cute together ~

Katie ( the one yawning ) thought all this

picture taking was a tad bit boring :)

Okie dokie back to my random day ~

Bye for now !

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