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Architectural Salvage Rocks!!

My youngest daughter, Stephanie

and her husband Noah just bought

a cottage home that they

are going to redo and decorate

in a vintage cottage style ~

We went to the coolest store in

Dallas today called

Discount Home Warehouse Architectural Salvage ~

They go into old homes and salvage all of the

really amazing old things and then

sell them at their huge shop ~

I am thinking that would be the

most fun job!!

Steph & Noah want to replace all of the

interior doors with old vintage chippy doors ~

This is the "door room" ~

There were some really neat old

pillars and columns but they

needed to find a vintage pedestal sink ~

They ended up with the one that Stephanie

is trying in the 2nd picture ~

Noah truly needs to be an

American Picker because he

rocks at it!!

Decisions... decisions...

They have a bunch of clawfoot tubs, mantels

for amazing prices, tons of old metal,

wood shutters for $10 each!!

Once again these are crummy pictures

with my Iphone ~ I am going to

start bringing my camera with me

on these adventures ~

Dallas has some really fun places to

explore ~ We went to some wonderful

antique shops too but they were kind

of pricey ~

Chat soon!!

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Architectural Salvage Rocks!! {DESIGN}