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Recreating for Make Mine Pink "Pink Friday"

Today I spent the day getting ready for the Make Mine Pink, "The Garden Path", Pink Friday event ~

I wanted to take you along so that you could see the journey of recreating a flea market find into something special for your cottage home ~

The first thing you do is find what you want to work on ~ it is getting harder and harder to find these awesome totes like the large one that I have shown ~ It is very old so the wood is rough and weathered ~ I really don't know what it was used for but I think it would be perfect for putting your flowers in as you cut them and get ready for a bouquet ~

The next step is to glue on embellishments if you want to ~ I love them because they add such a shabby chic look ~

Then you prime your piece with a good primer ~ my very favorite is Kilz oil based because it covers so well ~

After that is dry, which takes a few steps to do all sides, you paint on whatever color you would like and when that dries you distress it with sandpaper ~ I use flat paint because I like the look of it ~

I love it when the weather is sunny because it makes the best painting days !!

The items that I have shown you, along with other garden treasures, will be available on my website for Pink Friday ~

Have fun shopping or creating !!

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