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College Move In Day

Last week we moved my youngest daughter, Stephanie, into her town house at college ~ it is her sophomore year at Dallas Baptist University ~ We all adore her school, it is just the best so she was pretty excited ~ all summer she has been going to flea markets collecting furniture and then the girls would come over and paint ~ they had to furnish the entire thing so they collected all summer long ~

This is a picture of 4 of the 6 girls who will be living together ~

I have shown the school in other blog posts but this is a picture of the outside of her town house ~ these are my baby girls all grown up ~ wow !! where does the time go...

We rented a U-Haul to get it there all in one trip ~ it is just about 45 minutes from us so it isn't far but it was alot easier to do it that way ~

The day was sooooo stinking hot !!! It was 107 degrees not counting the humidity ~ I think it was like 112 degrees ~ thus the saggy pants I had on, I think they were melting off ~
We recruited grandpa too but I was a little worried about him with working in the heat ~

Stephanie was just a little overwhelmed with it all :O)

After a few hours she was ready to have it all done...

I will have pics of it all decorated soon ~ they unpacked and decorated all the same day and grocery shopped ~ they cracked me up trying to get it all done in one day ~

Ta ta for now ~

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