My Girls and Their Blogs

I have introduced you to my family in the past but
I wanted to introduce you to my girl's blogs ~

Kristin, our oldest daughter, has been doing photography
with her husband for a while and recently launched her own
photography website and blog ~

Her business is called Kristin Brandon Photography ~
They are traveling to Italy soon to shoot a wedding!
I am so excited for them !

Stephanie has started a blog journaling her and her
husbands cottage home transformation ~
They actually are just closing on it today and are
having fun going to Salvage Shops, Flea Markets
and Craigslist to find vintage things for it ~
Her blog is called College St. Cottage ~

It is so fun to watch them get excited
about all of the treasures they have found ~

{ Photos are by Kristin's husband James
at James Brandon Photography }

Both of the girls are just introducing themselves and their blogs
so they would love to have you stop by ~

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