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One of My Favorite Magazines

I just found a magazine that I didn't even know was out there that I love !!
It is called Mary Jane's Farm ~

It is full of absolutely gorgeous pictures, wonderful articles, recipes and great craft and sewing ideas and patterns ~

I love what Mary Jane says in the front of the magazine ~

"Whether you are a city chick or a farm chick, we're here to help guide you back to your farm girl roots, back to healthful eating, next door biscuits downtown for an evening of crocheting with friends, uptown in a dress up apron, and starward to your dreams... "

Make sure and visit their website because it is full of wonderful things as well as how you can visit them ~

They have a Bed and Breakfast where you stay in "wall tents" ~ I am not a tent camper girl but I have to say these are definitely my kind of tent camping ~

This is what they call their "outhouses" ~ isn't it wonderful !! I really really want to stay here ~

Until next time...

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