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~ Vintage Pieces Make a Lampshade ~

I have been on the hunt for awhile at flea markets, antique shows and pretty much everywhere to find an old dress form and old party dresses in pink ~ it is alot easier said than done ~ but... in my travels I found the prettiest odds and ends of old pieces ~ today I decided to make this lampshade out of various things I have found ~ I took an old pink dress, cut it down and added a vintage crocheted collar to the top edge ~ to finish it off I put a vintage rhinestone hair clip at the front ~ I always am picking up old rhinestone jewelry pieces because you can do so much with them and I love a little bling !!! ~ I really like how it came out and am kind of want to keep it for my new shabby office but for awhile it can be yours at ~


~ Vintage Pieces Make a Lampshade ~ {DESIGN}