Easy Peasy Bottle Tutorial

I just was creating some bottles for my website and

figured it was time for a blog post ~

Soooo I decided to take some pictures along the way ~

They are crummy pictures because it was late and the

lighting stunk ~

Anyway they are super duper easy but really fun and

you can be creative with tons of variations ~

First gather your stuff to use ~

I am using vintage bridal lace, crinkled seam binding,

a vintage skeleton key and vintage jewelry for this bottle ~

Then I cut the lace to fit the bottle and used

Modge Podge to make it stick to the bottle ~

Next I tied on a vintage skeleton key with

tea dyed and crinkled ribbon ~

The tutorial is here for the ribbon ~

And last you just hot glue on a vintage piece of jewelry ~

Here are some other variations that I have done recently ~

It is fun to gather old pieces of lace, ribbons, broken jewelry

and just start creating !

{ I have had tons of questions on where to get the

bottles ~ I just find them at flea markets }

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