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Farmhouse Friday * Farmhouse Inspiration

I wanted to revisit this tutorial for

LaurieAnna's Farmhouse Friday

because it can be used on

so many different surfaces and is

perfect for farmhouse decorating ~

Since I have burlap around and

buckets around I thought it would be fun

to recreate that look ~

Here is a quick tutorial on how to do them ~

It is super duper easy!

1. Cut a piece of burlap a size that would fit

your bucket ~ I cut it then fray it a bit ~

2. Paint an area on the front of your burlap

that is larger than your number stencil ~

It doesn't matter what brand paint you use ~

This is some I had ~

3. Lay down your stencil and paint it in whatever

color you would like ~ I used black ~

4. After it dries then I used Modge Podge

on the back of the burlap ~

5. Place it on your bucket and

smooth out the bubbled areas ~

That is all and it is super quick !

Make sure and visit the

Tutorials link at the top

of this page for other tutorials ~


Farmhouse Friday * Farmhouse Inspiration {tutorials}