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Stefano Ricci: a Salut to the History of Art at the Uffizi [men's fashion]
Take a walk through the Uffizi Gallery with a step-by-step explanation of each portrait.

Oil on canvas, cm 80 x 61
Released from the artist’s collection in 1913, the portrait of Charles Emile Auguste Duran (called Carolus Duran) - born in Lille (France) in 1837 and died in Paris in 1917 - is documented in the depository of Palazzo Pitti’s Palatine Gallery in 1952 , and again at the end of 1969 (storage attic cd.). On July 4th, 1977, it became part of the collection of the Uffizi Gallery. Restored in 1989, it has so far participated in three exhibitions in Florence in 1977, Lille (France) in 2003 and in Beijing (China) between 2016 and 2016.
010 and 2016).

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