Getting Ready for the Show

Today I went out to find some displays to use at the Gift Show in Dallas in January ~

Oh my goodness it is getting closer and closer !!

I love Dorothy's treasures at the Shabby Y in Lone Star Antique Mall ~ I was really excited that she was there because she is so very talented and helped me with ideas ~

I ended up getting some awesome frames that I will be using for displaying jewelry and a glittery pink Paris sign ~ My display spot is only 3 feet so I have to think creatively ~

Make sure and visit The Vintage Rose Boutiques blog for updates on the gals progress getting ready for the show ~

I have a new website called Katies Rose Cottage Designs that is just for our new line of jewelry debuting at the show ~ The website is there but will not have products for about a month ~

These are some pictures of the Shabby Y ~

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