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A Day in New Orleans

I just spent a day in New Orleans with my husband on a work trip, it was quick but fun ~ we walked our legs off in the few hours we had to explore !!!
I just love the architecture of the buildings there and the colors are sooo perfectly shabby chic :o)

The homes were so interesting to me because of the shutters on the windows and doors that can be closed completely over them ~ I was dying at all of the amazing architectural pieces just rotting away on some of the buildings ~ I was wondering if they would really notice some of them missing (he he ! ) I figured that probably wouldn't be a great idea ~

The plants hanging off of the balconies were gorgeous even for this time of year ~ I loved the basket over the aqua shutters ~ the pinks, aquas, plants and gorgeous architecture just amazed me so it was hard not to look like a total tourist snapping a ton of pictures ~


A Day in New Orleans {DESIGN}