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Back to Disney World

Our youngest daughter just moved back home from college until January 12th when she will check in to be a college intern at Disney World ~~
She is sooo excited !!! ~ When our girls were little we used to go to Disneyland at least once a year because we lived in California and so they both grew up loving it ~
She will be there until the end of May so I am sure we will visit at least a couple of times ~ woohoo !!!

Texas has been way too cold the last few days so I was dreaming of the warm weather and wonderful time that we had in October when we were at Disney World ~

This is from the left, my daughter Kristin, sister Kim, daughter Steph and niece Chelsey ~

This is a pic from the left, my daughter Kristin, sister Kim, niece Chelsey and me ~

We all love Tigger and Pooh because they are so happy !

Well back to thoughts of Christmas ~

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