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Canton & LaurieAnnas

Last Thursday I got to do one of my

very favorite things and that is to go to Canton, Tx

to First Monday ~ It is soooo much fun because it is

a treasure trove of junk and also of

gorgeous shops and booths ~

I love to visit LaurieAnnas shop when I am there ~

I have said before that it is so gorgeous

it takes my breath away

and brings tears to my eyes literally!

Every single thing she sells

and every piece of display she has is beyond beautiful!

I got to chat with her a little this month,

she is such a sweetheart and is beyond talented!

I wanted to come back and get some pictures

but we had to leave earlier than expected

so sweet Daphne let me use some of hers ~

Daphne has beautiful pillows and bags

in Laurie Annas shop and

also on her own website ~

So while I am waiting for flooring and not decorated yet

I will continue to dream through

beautiful shops and photographs ~


Canton & LaurieAnnas {Laurie Annas Vintage Home}