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I've Been Tagged

I was tagged by Priscilla of Flea Market Queen to tell you 7 weird things about myself ~ hmmmm... okay here it goes...

1. If I see some great trash in someones trash pile, I will stop or make my family stop ~ they get so mad at me :o)

2. I would rather shop at a flea market than a mall

3. I fall asleep in movie theatres almost every time I go

4. I love spring and hate winter and really don't like the hot summer either ~ I kind of like just that perfect weather, I need to live in Hawaii

5. I can count on my fingers how many times I have worn high heals

6. I adore traveling !!! I guess that isn't so weird... but I would be thrilled to hit thrift stores or flea markets no matter where I am and I usually do

7. I am almost always freezing cold ~ I think I might be looking forward to hot flashes ~ remind me I said that when I am going through them ~ :O)


I've Been Tagged {summer}