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I Need Sun

I am living in Texas and it is cold in the winter !! We moved here about 16 years ago from California for my husband's job ~ It always cracks me up when Texans say that you don't really need a coat here because it doesn't get that cold ~

Well we decided that we need to move somewhere that it is warm all year ~ I literally am not one of those people that needs all 4 seasons ~ I LOVE sun and warmth and if I want to see the seasons then I can take a little trip somewhere just for the weekend or something ~

So this is now ~ Why is this fun for some people ? I just don't get it at all ~ I am only smiling because my daughter and I drove the truck to the woodpile and she sat in the car with the door closed and watched me ~ Then she would open the door just fast enough to say something and close it before the snow came in ~

And this is how I want it to be year round ~

Now this is wayyyy more fun !

I need some warm weather ~ Please come back sunshine ~

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