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Petite Pillows

The other day I decided to take my sewing machine out of hiding

and actually use it again ~ My mom and dad had a sewing machine store

when I was growing up so I would spend days and days sewing

after school ~ My dining room table looks like a tornado hit but it is fun sewing again ~

I am loving making these petite pillows ~ I had this gorgeous gorgeous

crinoline that has some ripped issues that could not be mended ~

So it is now sweet little ruffles that will be everywhere because they

are soooo cute !!

The pillow with the picture I did not make ~ I love

the little picture so it is in my guest bedroom ~

Sweet gift idea using a pillow from Katies Rose Cottage

and Jewelry and Cards and Tags from Katies Rose Cottage Designs ~

cottage, crinoline, DESIGN, jewelry, and more:

Petite Pillows + petite pillows