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In Love with a Bathroom & Chalk Paint ???

I have been really really wanting to

go shopping in

McKinney Texas for quite awhile now ~

Today I decided to hop in the car

and hit the road ~

McKinney has the cutest old town square

with great shops

and the most wonderful old homes

all around the square ~

So I took quite a few pictures of the shops

in the

square and what am I going to show you ?

A Bathroom !!

I asked Patina Green if I could

take pictures and blog

because I pretty much adore their shop !!

You can buy

fresh breads and produce there,

eat there and buy gorgeous

home decor there ~

But after gallons of ice tea on my drive I had to (check out)

the bathroom there ~

Ohhhhh my gosh I was in love !

Maybe it is because

we are in the process of getting quotes on our

horrible, ugly bathroom ~

Here are some pictures I took while about 4 women

(probably dying) were waiting outside the door for me

to hurry up ~

These pictures were with my Iphone so not so great ~

I will show you more pictures I took in a couple days of their shop and

around McKinney ~

I have to say what drew me to McKinney today in the first place

was Annie Sloan Chalk Paint that is available at

Lady Butterbug's ~

Mr. & Mrs. Butterbug are pretty much the sweetest

couple ever!!

I signed up for a class and bought a kit and

am ready to go!!!

I am so excited to try Chalk Paint after reading about it

pretty much everywhere !

I found the old brush in one of the antique shops and had to have it just

for pictures :) I am wondering if

old brushes will be a new flea market hunt of mine...

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In Love with a Bathroom & Chalk Paint ??? + Patina Green