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~ Off to College ~

~ Steph and her sister, Kristin ~

Wow !!! What a fun day full of mixed emotions ! We took our daughter to college today and helped her move into her dorm room ~ it was so much fun to be met with all of the upper classmen ready to help unload the car and alot of smiling faces ~ The dorms are small but we made it homey for her and then she was off for an awesome few days that they call SWAT ~ it is full of fun, music, food and meeting new friends ~ she is only 40 minutes from home so I am actually hanging in there okay with both girls being out of the house within 2 months ~

~Steph and her roommate ~

This is as we were driving away and she was walking to their first SWAT event ~ she is in the blue shirt ~

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~ Off to College ~ + DESIGN