La Mode + Ruffe Bags

Ruffles & Roses

I have been running around in

circles and not feeling real accomplished

this week for some reason and I

am not sure why ~

But... after spending the day out

getting nothing accomplished ~

I got home to some wonderful boxes

on the porch ( I love coming

home to boxes on the porch )~

The first thing I did was open them

up and grab my camera to give you

a sneak peek of what I will be adding

to my website tomorrow ~

Ruffle Tote Bags, Ruffle Laundry Bags,

Ruffle Shower Curtains ~

Alot of roses with some new colors ~

Ruffles and Roses...

Some of my favorite things!!

cottage, DESIGN, roses, and more:

Ruffles & Roses + Ruffe Bags