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California Fun with Babies!

Part of blogging for meis so that we can notonly share inspirationalideas but also so you canget to know us too :)If you don't already knowI have two daughters, Kristin and Stephanie,whoalso are part of Katies Rose Cottage ~They both have babies andthis was our first adventure on an airplanewith them ~Their daddies got to go tooso that was fun!Alot of our family liveson the central coast of California so that is oneof our very favorite places andwhere we headed ~They were excited to have thebabies visit the beach sinceit is one of all of our favorite places to be ~ The weather was chilly butit was still a beautiful and sunny day! We went to Avila Beach which we love!Ellie thought it was just the best thing ever!The swings were great...The sand was great!

Isaac pretty much didn't likeit at all! We are definitelygoing to have to teachhim that it is fun!Mommies arms were great!

This is my mom and I with Ellie ~

My son in law Jamestook the following pictures ~It is awesome havinga photographer along :)Ellie loved swinging!

Isaac loved hiking!

This is my most favorite picture of all... My mom and dadwith their great grandbabies!!What a beautiful and preciouspicture!! I adore it!

It was fun and thereis so much more familyand pictures butthis is just a glimpseof our time there ~Thank you for visiting
with us!


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California Fun with Babies! + DESIGN