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So I was looking at a magazine the other day when my friend pointed out a picture of some model looking devilishly sultry, tiny, and a bit too toned if you know what I mean (someone had airbrushed the crap out of her), not unlike the very beautiful Ms. Alba below.

My friend burst out with "See!? I can't live up to that! My boobies aren't that high! Or big! Or even!". Nope... mine either! We've all heard the arguments against it; that airbrushing is bad for body image and puts unrealistic pressure and girls, but I have an even better argument against airbrushing. Skin. Is. Sexy. Here are some non-airbrushed photos just to prove my point.

Do you know why I love sewalongs? Because it's like going to a sewing class, you get to ask lots of silly questions, you get to do it in your own time, the information is always available for your to refer back to, and it's FREE!

The very cute Tasia has made her very own pattern (another one! Isn't she talented?) called the Crescent Skirt. It's got gathering, pockets, fun, and she's holding a sew-along in the next couple of weeks. Who better than the creator of a pattern to answer all of your questions? I can't wait to make it!

Not only is my wardrobe in desperate need of skirts, but this fits all of the criteria for my trip to Italy which is oh-so-fastly-approaching. I might make the first one in a simple cotton, but then... maybe... Liberty Cotton? Ooooh it even sounds luxurious.

But there's just one more tiny little thing I want to tell you, if you check out the link for the sew along and join up to her mailing list before tomorrow there's a special deal...

The weekend was spent pouring over uni books and creating my very own mountain of snotty tissues (gross, I know) so unfortunately I was an unproductive stitcher. This makes me very sad.

One thing I did get to do was take photos for my talented, creative, and gorgeous roommate. Besides being an eco-warrior, cat lady, and horticulturist she's also a bartender (or as I like to call her 'startender') who enters (and wins!) cocktail competitions. My other roommates and I selflessly offer ourselves and our tastebuds to judge new concoctions, we're just that nice.

The latest competition has the theme of 'gentleman', and my lovely roommate is creating a delicious whiskey blazer accompanied by chocolate... chocolate! Does she know the way to my heart or what?

It was really fun taking the photos and sampling the products. I'll have to ask her to share the recipe when the competition is over, until then you'll just have to trust me how delicious it is or go and visit her at Laruche.

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